11 Best SEO Affiliate Programs 2021

So, you want to start marketing SEO tools and services on your blog to earn commission. Congratulations! At least, you recognize the huge gains to be made from this $79 billion industry. And the SEO industry is still growing, so, what does this mean? Well, it means that doing affiliate marketing on SEO is an awesome idea, and there’s real profits to be made. So, don’t wallow on the stands. It’s time to cash in.

But wait, where do you start? Which network should you use? How can you choose the right SEO affiliate marketing companies to promote? Well, if these are the questions you need answering, keep reading. This guide contains the top 11 best SEO affiliate programs to get you started.

Which Network Should You Use?

Forget about large affiliate networks such as AWIN and Tradedoubler if you’re planning on promoting SEO wares through affiliate marketing. Almost all the best affiliate programs in this space are available directly with the vendors themselves.

How to Select the Right SEO Affiliate Companies?

There are hundreds of SEO affiliate marketing programs out there. So, choosing the right program can be challenging. Here’s the 11 top schemes of 2021 to get you started:

Spark SEO

Designed to offer bespoke SEO affiliate marketing services to both small and medium-sized businesses around the globe. Spark is one of the few SEO services that has an affiliate program. The other ten affiliate programs in this list are offered by software companies.

Their service is available in all English-speaking countries globally, Spark SEO’s affiliate program comes with a generous 10 percent recurring lifetime commission, plus an exclusive 5 percent discount which can be enjoyed by the people you send their way.

Spark SEO offers a selection of one time services and recurring packages — which ranges from £600 — £1100 per month. After the customers 5 percent discount is deducted, you can earn between up to £104 recurring each month for every sale you make, with a lifetime recurring commission. With a retention rate of two years, you’ll be hauling in a whopping £1596 — £2496 per sale overall. However, it depends on the packages you sell.

Instead of relying on cookies for attribution, Spark SEO allows customers to use a unique code. This code should be used by customers at the checkout to attribute each transaction to your affiliate account. To your customers, this code is simply a 5% discount so they’ll normally be delighted to use it. So, if you’re looking for an impressive commission, exclusive discount, and easy Paypal payout, Spark SEO is a top contender. Here’s a summary of their features:

Key features

  • 10% Recurring commission
  • 5% exclusive affiliate discount for customers
  • Cookieless attribution
  • Earn between £1596 — £2496 for each sale in total
  • Payout via PayPal

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Simple to use. Highly reliable. Effective. These are some of the best things about SEMrush. Designed to help you audit your website, conduct keyword research, and gain crucial insights into your competitors’ marketing tactics on a single dashboard, SEMrush is one of the most popular tools in the SEO industry.

Imagine earning up to 40 percent recurring commission. Impressive, right? Well, that’s what SEMrush brings to the table. This program also gives you access to a myriad of promotional materials. And that’s not all — these promotional materials are available in 9 different languages. With a 10-year cookie life and PayPal and wire transfer powered payout, you can count on SEMrush to help redefine your SEO affiliate marketing game.


Make your long-tail keyword search easy with KWFinder by Mangools. KWFinder lets you earn up to 30% lifetime affiliate commissions. On average, you can earn up to $113 per month per sale. Apart from that, the platform gives you unlimited access to its promotional materials — which includes different types of guides. Other great benefits of KWFinder include an auto-approval feature, PayPal powered payout, as well as high conversion rates. KWFinder only uses a 30 day cookie, but they claim that 67% users who subscribe, do so within 24 hours of registering for a trial. Sounds a bit wooly, but worth a shot anyway.

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Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is designed for long-tail keyword research and monitoring SERP positions. With a huge global customer base of 70,000, your SEO affiliate marketing work got easier. If you are a Long Tail Pro affiliate partner, you qualify for a monthly recurring affiliate commission of up to 30 percent. Other benefits of the Long Tail Pro include high conversion rates, dedicated support, various banners and marketing materials, as well as a one-year cookie life.

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AMZ Watcher

Don’t let broken affiliate links make you lose money. Leverage the power of AMZ Watcher to scrape your site for any broken Amazon link. Still more, this program allows you to discover any similar affiliate marketing program to use instead of Amazon. OK, I know what youre thinking. This isn’t an SEO affiliate scheme. And you’d be right. But still it’s worth including since you're an affiliate marketer. With a commission of up to 20 percent, a subscription price of $99 per month, you can count on AMZ Watcher to deliver you just under $20 per month, per sale, recurring. Also, the program offers a monthly payout scheme and dedicated affiliate related resources.

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SEO Pressor

SEO Pressor, a premium SEO WordPress plugin, can make your on-page SEO simpler. Thus, irrespective of your digital marketing experience, you can use SEO Pressor to compliment your SEO affiliate marketing efforts. Even more, this tool comes with instant suggestions — making it easy to optimize your content. It also makes it easy to improve your overall quality score for PPC.

Things like generating schema, monitoring link profiles, and generating sitemaps are easy with SEO Pressor. With this subscription-based service, marketers can earn a commission per sale of up to 50 percent. That’s not all, customers have access to logos, banners, as well as email marketing samples. Other great features of SEO Pressor include monthly payout (via PayPal) and access to promotional materials. We’ve included this in the list because of the staggering 50% commission but this could be a hard sell because its up against some great free SEO plugins such as Yoast, which pretty much do the same thing.

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Surfer SEO

Innovative. Impressive commission. Huge payout. What else will you be looking for? Surfer SEO don’t discuss their affiliate program on their own website. In fact their own site is pretty hard to find in Google. Strange or typical of the SEO industry? Hmmm. What we do know is that they allow you to gain meaningful insights into the marketing tactics of your competitors. Moreover, you are guaranteed up to a 30 percent payout. That’s up to $195 per sale. In a nutshell, Surfer SEO offer you a 60-day cookie duration, monthly commissions, and 30 percent earning rate. Payment via PayPal.

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High accuracy, innovative design, and better cookie duration — these are the things that make the ProRankTracker a big hit for SEO affiliate marketers. This top tier rank tracking solution scan be used by SEO professionals, webmasters, organizations, start-ups well as marketing agencies. For only a $25 monthly subscription, affiliates will enjoy the perks that come with ProRankTracker — including high conversion rates, 20 percent recurring commission (lifetime), a cookie duration of 90 days, and PayPal payout.

Ninja Outreach

Popular with marketers, Ninja Outreach is an innovative SEO affiliate marketing program that can help you connect with other influential link building partners quickly and easily, so you can build strong relationships with bloggers that result in you getting sneaky backlinks. Packed with innovative features, this program will help you to manage various marketing campaigns, generate real leads, and boost your business growth.

A 6-month cookie duration and the 50 percent lifetime commission rate make Ninja Outreach a top choice. In a nutshell, Ninja Outreach gives you a 50 percent on any referral purchased, half a year of cookie tracking, as well as access to its affiliate resource hub.

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Money Robot

Imagine having your content published on thousands of websites with links pointing at your site! Impressive, right? Well, that’s what Money Robot offers. With this platform, customers gain tonnes of valuable backlinks in the click of a button. Ok, this is probably a spam generating machine. But hey, spammers will love it. With a commission of up to $100 per software license sold, you can make lots of money with Money Robot. Money Robot guarantees you a minimum commission of $20 too and will give you training on the sneakiest tactics of promoting their spam tool. What’s more; just for signing up to their affiliate program, they’ll give you $25 absolutely free!. Ok, now they sound pretty desperate to sell their spam generator, but hey don’t judge. Join the spam revolution.

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Want a platform that can track your SERP position, audit your website, give you insights into your competitors, and analyze your backlinks? Well, look no further than Serpstat. This platform offers you all these services under one package. Plus, you will get suggestions regarding the questions that users search for. For each closed sale, you earn between 10% and 30%, which is paid monthly on a minimum balance of $50 . Payments made via Paypal. What’s also pretty neat is the platform allows you to pay your own subscription fee using your commissions — and if you do this, they’ll multiply your commission x 1.5. They use a 30-day cookie.

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The Bottom-Line

It’s time to kickstart your SEO affiliate marketing journey and start capitalizing on this huge booming industry today.

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